Dating remington nylon 66

Details and specs ca sales ok remington nylon 66 mohawk brown 15 shot semi-auto rifle w/ 195 bbl in 22lr sn 402773 date code dp sept 1967 curio and relic eligible reference info nylon models were 66 77 10c semi-auto bolt action 10 11 12 lever action 76 trail rider. Just bought a remington nylon 66, and cant seem to find a serial number on it, after removing thereceiver cover i saw a number printed in orange ink on the right side of the receiver , can this be it. There is a wealth of info on the nylon guns there (confirmed date- oct 1964) as for mine, its a standard nylon 66 - brown/white diamond it is in excellent condition having been in a safe for most of its life.

Remington nylon 66 mohawk brown, 22 lr semi auto rifle this is one of the earlier models and has no serial number the condition is very good with some minor scratches to the nyl. Wonder who the genius at remington was who came up with that dating scheme oh, and i did find that website, nylonriflescom thx again gene batchelar wheaton, il remington nylon 66, remington nylon 66 for sale, remington nylon 66 seneca green for sale, where can i purchase a remington nylon model 10 or 11. Re: nylon 66 date of manufacture post by 600remguy » sun may 27, 2012 4:46 pm imho i believe it was a decision thing as to where to put the serial number on the m66 because the receivers can be swapped between rifles with ease.

Remington simply used the alphabet for the year code and when they got to the end they simply started over, well sort of since the nylon 66 started in 1959 the code that year was an f 1960 was g, 61 was h but they skipped i for some reason in 62 and used j instead. The 66 was made from 1959 until 1987 over a million were made most of them with the brown stock which is known as mohawk brown ones made prior to 1967 did not have serial numbers on them some people prefer the earlier ones. Remington started numbering nylon rifles in 1967 starting with #40000-419011 in 1968 the numbers ranged from 419012-473710 the serial numbers were located on the bottom of the barrel, below and just back a bit from the front sight. I was wondering if any one would be able to tell me appx value of a nylon 66 says pat pending remington 22 lr only i know it is over 45-50 years old not sure where to find the any numbers on it have a attached a few photos not the greatest.

The remington nylon 66 is a rifle manufactured by remington arms from 1959 to 1989 it was one of the earliest mass-produced rifles to feature a stock made from a material other than wood previously the 22-410 stevens combination gun had been offered with a tenite stock. Answer to nylon 66 production dates actually, the key to manufacture date on your remington nylon 66 is not the serial number, but a stamping on the barrel there will be two letters, the first being the month, and the second being the year. In 1959 tom frye of remington shot 100,004 out of 100,010 225 square wood aerial targets using several nylong 66's in 139 hours plinky topperwein, part of a husband and wife shooting exhibition team, shot 967 out of 1,000 aerial clay targets. The auto-loading 22 caliber remington nylon 66 rifle was introduced by remington arms in 1959, featuring a synthetic stock built from the dupont material zytel, a compound similar to nylon the largely synthetic construction meant that the nylon 66 could operate without any added lubricants.

Dating remington nylon 66

I have a remington nylon 66 that i am trying to determine the date of production on the letter code of the barrel shows that it is either oct 1964 or feb 1973 i know that 66's built before 1968 have no serial number. Therefore, the nylon 66 acted as a “middle of the line” gun at $4995 nylon 66 legacy the nylon 66 was a huge gamble for remington, as traditionally “real” guns had wood stocks. Remington nylon 66 this is a discussion on remington nylon 66 within the rifles forums, part of the rifle & shotgun forum category was working on convincing my wife of the need for a 10/22 my brother in law heard us talking about it (honey, it is on. Nylon 10, 11, 12, 66, 76 and 77 by chuck hawks remington nylon 66 (top) and nylon 77 (bottom) autoloaders illustration from old remington catalog courtesy of remington arms back in the 1960s remington produced a line of synthetic stocked autoloading, lever action, and bolt action 22 rifles.

I own a remington nylon 66 bd and it's in perfect condition the current price for it is $82000 it does depend on the condition of the gun and the model of the remington 66i have seen the. Remington nylon 66 22 lr description: mohawk brown remington nylon 66 22 lr semi-automatic rifle all original in good condition normal minor scuff marks on nylon. Actually, the key to manufacture date on your remington nylon 66 is not the serial number, but a stamping on the barrel there will be two letters, the first being the month, and the second being.

Only remington customer service has the ability to date one of their guns via the sn remington did, however, stamp a date code letter (2 or 3 letters) into the lh rear side of their barrels here's a nylon 66 schematic you can refer to for parts & positioning, etc. This is a variation of remington’s nylon 66 rifles, but is a bolt action the nylon 12 is somewhat rare, as they were made for just two years before being discontinued in 1964 approximately 27,000 nylon 12s were made compared to one million for the nylon 66 series barrel code “pj58” determines the manufacture date was june 1962. Remington 66 nylon discussion in 'general firearms forum' started by auto-5, feb 4, 2012 thread tools i still have my nylon 66 that i bought in 1961, it is the one firearm that i have had the longest :embarassed: the remington nylon 66 is the ever-elusive glock carbine. A remington nylon 66 is a very good rifle i had a couple over the years and they were real shooters they made 4 or 5 different colors and some are real valuable.

Dating remington nylon 66
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